Helmut Rentergent

You can benefit from my know-how in motion control technology. Let us talk about your requirements.
I would be happy to advise you on an individual basis.

If you cannot specify your operating point exactly, i.e. load torque, load speed etc., I will assist you in determining these parameters – in theory and in practice. I assure you that I have always found a solution together with and for my business partners.

As soon as I have your performance specifications in hand, you will get a calculation analysis of the proposed solution with corresponding data sheets for validation. Then you will get a quotation from the respective supplier.

To avoid additional costs from a Distributor, you will directly deal with verified supplier(s) for all orders, shipments and invoices etcetera. Direct. No Middlemen! I am your Technical and Vendor Liaison. For all technical challenges I will remain to be your partner.

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