My focus is about small and tiny drives in the range of performance up to 750 Watt – starting with a diameter of only 3.3 mm and up to approximately 110 mm diameter. That is my focus and business.
I have more than 40 years of experience as a trained and graduated electro-mechanical engineer,
with a career’s experience in small electromechanical motors and actuators.

Based on this know-how, I will work out the best drive or incremental motion solution for you. You specify the requirements of the requirements you need. I will support you in developing an absolutely tailor-made solution, including the selection of optimum components and their implementation. And, of course, the perfect interplay of the individual parts is at the very top of the list – technical solutions, quality qualifications, and completeness. You may expect highly efficient solutions from me: modified standard solutions or custom-made products – always tailored to your needs.
I am not married to any technology.

The technology that optimally solves your problem is the technology and vendor that I will propose. I have been cooperating for over
12 years with a multitude of trusted and vetted certified Asian Suppliers.

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